MakesMe…Grateful: The Parking Angel

My faith system is eclectic and I  draws ideas from many sources.  It puts the heebie-jeebies  up a friend of mine, who told me that I’m looking in all the wrong places.  I gave their particular breed of evangelical Christianity a jolly good crack when I was younger and just didn’t get on with it.  I’m far more at peace with the hotch-potch of beliefs that I now hold.  And loving my neighbour as myself is still up there in terms of the rules that I follow.  That beardy bloke in the white dress has much to teach us.

I believe too that I am provided for by a higher being, whose form is unclear but whom I sometimes refer to as God.  ‘Ask and it is given.’ I’m told.  Perhaps I don’t get everything I request because I doubt.  That seems the general consensus so I’m working on it.   My biggest success? I swear that I manifested a boyfriend by writing down all the qualities that I wanted from a guy.  I wasn’t sure when the quirky white bloke with glasses turned up on our first date.  ‘Shit, you don’t anything like Idris Elba!’ I  thought.    Afterwards  I looked back to my wishlist and realised that I’d forgotten to mention anything about appearance.    Still he’s cute, funny, kind and clever.  An added extra is that he also happens to be a dab hand at repairing anything, especially my aged motorhome.  So as far as I’m concerned he’s a keeper!

On a day to day basis I seem to be a dab hand at parking in the nightmarish car park of the hospital that I work.  There’s not enough room for everyone to leave their car in the allocated bays so blocking is allowed.  It often involves a convoluted process anytime anyone wants to leave.  Sometimes people are stuck for hours.  Not me.  I call on the parking angels to get me a free unfettered space.  I believe in the process wholeheartedly.  And what do you know?  It works!


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