MakesMe…Hungry: Leftovers

I love leftovers for multiple reasons.  First, of course, there is that warm glowing feeling of self-satisfaction got from being frugal, non wasteful and saving the pennies to boot.  Then there’s the fact that leftovers are darn easy to prepare.  You come home after a hard day’s work and there’s no cooking from scratch to be done.  But perhaps my favourite excuse for using up food is that it can be so darn tasty.  Think bubble and squeak, cold cuts, stews and curries that improve in taste as time goes on.  What you’ll be eating by digging may truly be a unique dish, never to be replicated again.  My latest leftover creation shown in the picture comes into this category.  Okay I’ll admit it looks a bit bland but I promise you it was a delicious riot of flavours.

It was an amalgamation of two dishes.  The first was inspired by something that my son had eaten in a Breton restaurant whilst we were on holiday a couple of weeks ago.  Both of us adults with him kept on sneaking bits out of its bowl.  He got cross, possibly rightfully.   It turns out that Jarret de Porc when translated into English is pork knuckle, a cheap as chips cut that our butcher was happy to provide.  Being from Somerset my boyfriend slow cooked it in cider with chunky carrots and bits of onion.  First time around it was gorgeous.

The other meal was a biryani adapted from Tom Kerridge’s ‘Fresh Start’ recipe book.  Buy this book now from Wordery.    We substituted beef mince for lamb mince because it’s what fell out of the freezer first.  It was yummy.  This  book has become a firm favourite of ours since we bought it a few weeks ago.  So many tempting recipes.  The Pork and Lentil sausage rolls are divine and non meat eaters will be pleased to hear that a bean stew with corn fritters will be on our menu very shortly!  

Mixed together the biryani and leftover cider-y pork and vegetables were quick to warm up in  a frying pan.  We served them with roast potatoes.  Unusually I made far too many.  There’s normally always room for lots of crispy spuds.  But it’s not a problem.  For that’s the beauty of leftovers.  There’s always scope to incorporate them in a creative way in the next meal!

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